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Cash for Consignment is Here!

Cash for Consignment is Here!

Cash, baby, cash. Moolah, dough, scratch, cabbage…it goes by many names and its only limitation is that it can’t buy lasting happiness. In leui of cash’s woeful blind spot, WildyX is here to bring you some joy!

Wilderness Exchange was built upon the belief that recycled gear affords opportunity, banishes financial gatekeepers, and lessens the environmental impact (even if miniscule) of mass-produced outdoor toys. We hung our shingle on this ethos 22 short years ago, building a core mountain shop around the beating heart of consignment.

We are thrilled to announce that our OG consignment shop will now offer cold, hard cash in exchange for your much-adored outdoor gear! Scratch for skis. Cabbage for crampons. Moolah for micro cams.

In the past, we’ve offered straight consignment, store credit, sending out checks – and all those options still exist, boasting varying levels of payout for your used gear. For various reasons, we demurred from cash renumerations, but those days are now over…

Welcome to cash consignment, my friends. WildyX is ready to sling!

Check out our consignment page right here for more information.