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Shop Small Sale: A Note From Our Owner

Shop Small Sale: A Note From Our Owner

Why Support Small?

I remember a time when taking a road trip across the country meant entering new and strange places at every exit, when every city had a live DJ on the FM dial spinning hand-selected records, and going shopping meant interacting and connecting directly with the people in your community. Going to the local outdoor shop became a mythical pilgrimage into the beating heart and soul of mountain adventure sports, with a cast of odd characters, obsessing over the gear and was intoxicating. It still is intoxicating!

Founding Wilderness Exchange in 2000, and sharing a love and passion for the outdoors with four generations of customers and employees, has been the dream of a lifetime. With our customers’ support, we can continue to employ local climbers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts who share in your passion for the outdoors. We can continue to help you find a shady crag to climb in Clear Creek in August, let you know how Berthoud Pass was skiing this morning, or where the best wildflowers are right now in the Indian Peaks. We can continue to support local nonprofits and charities who align with our mission of making the outdoors more affordable and accessible like Access Fund, Friends of Berthoud Pass, Boulder Climbing Community, Friends of CAIC, Latino Outdoors, Colorado Treks, the Staunton Climbing Team, BIPOC Mountain Collective, New Treks, The OUT foundation, Summit Huts Association, and Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK). These organizations are making a huge difference in our community.

It is our hope that you will use this coupon to buy something that will keep you warm, get you pitted in the pow, or maybe even take you on the adventure of your dreams. Keep us in mind when shopping for your loved ones this holiday season - share the gift of stoke! Most of all, thank you, Denver, for your amazing support over the past quarter century.

-Don Bushey, Owner