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Evolv Zenist Climbing Shoe

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The Zenist was designed for the competition climber who needs the most feedback from their shoes during precise foot placements and delicate heel and toe hooks. The vegan synthetic upper built on an aggressively profiled last will ensure your foot is always in a power position and that the shoe will not stretch too much over time. The midsole is constructed of rubber, providing just the right amount of rigidity without sacrificing the sensitivity.

When the competition is on the line feedback from your shoes can mean the difference between winning and competing. But remember, that competition doesn't have to be on a chalk dusted mat in front of a roaring crowd. It can take place between you and the rock, the crowd a swaying sage brush beneath the boulder.

  • Designed for competition or bouldering/sport climbing on modern gym-style, smeary problems/routes
  • Downturned asymmetric profile for epic power transmission
  • Rubber midsole provides rigidity without sacrificing sensitivity
  • Generous rubber patch on the toe box for delicate toe hooking
  • Constructed to excel at heel hooking, with enough rubber for protection but slim enough to feel the rock/plastic beneath the heel
  • Single strap velcro closure


 Fit  Performance with downturned asymmetric profile
 Upper  Synthetic (Synthratek VX) 
 Midsole  MX-R: 1mm half length rubber midsole
 Lining  Unlined
 Closure  Single strap velcro
 Rand  VTR (thicker front toe area)
 Outsole  4.2mm TRAX SAS