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Sterling VR9 9.8mm x 40M Climbing Rope

VR9 9.8mm x 40M Climbing Rope

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Sterling's VR9, with its 9.8mm diameter and 40-meter length, is a cord ideal for price-conscious climbers looking to bring their own lead rope to the local climbing gym and skip the annoying waiting list.

The VR9 boasts Sterling's legacy DryCore technology, an innovative process treats the all-important core fibers to prevent yarn-on-yarn abrasion and moisture absorption. This helps the fibers share loads more evenly and resist the negative effects of water. A middle mark identifies the center of the rope.


  • Single dynamic rope for price-conscious climbers not looking to sacrifice quality
  • Full UIAA and CE Certified Single Rope
  • DryCore Technology
  • Includes Middle Mark
 Diameter  9.8 mm
 Type  Single
 Length  40 meters
 No. UIAA Falls  6
 Impact Force  8.6 kN
 Dynamic Elongation  28.8%
 Sheath Proportion  35%
 Center Mark  Yes
 Dry Coating  Core only
 Weight  62 g/M


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