2nds, Closeouts & Samples

So, why are our prices so low?

We are able to pass significant savings (usually 20-60% below retail) on to our customers because we buy the following types of products from manufacturers who sell it at reduced prices:
  1. Overstocked merchandise: The manufacturer may have too much of a product and must reduce their inventory to make room for new product. Overstocked products are often current in-season product.
  2. Close-out: This is a product that is last-year's model, style, or color and has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  3. Cosmetic Seconds (2nds): These are items that have a cosmetic flaw or blemish that does not affect the performance or intended use of the product.
  4. Samples*: Outdoor industry Sales Representatives must often purchase the entire product line of manufacturers that they represent in order to show retailers like us the next season's offerings. When they are done, they must sell off these entire sample sets. We consolidate sample sets nationally from our partners who represent top brands like Patagonia and Marmot and purchase them at a substantial discount below wholesale pricing. We then pass on these savings to our customers who get the current season's gear at rock-bottom prices- often 40% to 60% off of retail. Everyone wins!
    *We only sell production-grade samples online at www.wildernessx.com. Product will likely be missing manufacturers' product hang tag. We have a far greater assortment and selection available at our Denver retail location. Inventory changes seasonally. Samples are not covered under manufacturer warranty.
We will always state the reason for the discount in the product description. You can identify discounted product by the red sale price under the item name. In areas where we can't find discounted product, we select gear based on very simple criterion; it must represent a great value in terms of performance and function and be made for serious outdoor use. We believe that our customers are just as passionate about the outdoors as we are and that they want to shop with us because they know that they will be getting Top Gear at the Bottom Dollar