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Dynafit Superlite 150+ Alpine Touring Ski Binding

Superlite 150+ Alpine Touring Ski Binding

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Exceptionally lightweight functionality, two riser heights and crampon compatibility, and ice breaker pins in the toe piece make Dynafit's Superlite 150+ ideal for skimo racing and speed touring. That's the obvious part.

This super-versatile binding, however, was made to actually perform on the downhill instead of just manage the descent. A wider hole patter adds power when cranking turns on slightly wider skis, an adjustable lateral DIN of 4-13 adds versatility, and a fully aluminum construction accentuates responsiveness for the fast and light crowd.


  • Ultralightweight, fully-aluminum binding ideal for skimo racing and speed/fitness touring
  • Lateral release DIN of 4-13 suits a wide swathe of skiers
  • Vertical release can be adjusted using an interchangeable U-spring (sold separately)
  • Mounting an adjustment plate (sold separately) enables heel adjustment range of 20mm to fit various sole lengths
  • Choose between two different riser heights on the fully-metal heel piece, depending on the climb
  • Ice Breaker pins remove snow and ice from boot inserts when stepping in, speeding up transitions
  • Wider drill pattern adds power transmission
  • Available in three different brake widths (75mm, 90mm, and 105mm)
 Adjustable Length  5mm - 5mm +/-
 Materials  Forged 7075 aluminum
 DIN Range  4-13
 Heel Lift  Yes
 Brake Included/Width  Yes / 75mm, 90mm, 105mm
 Boot Compatibility  Tech
 Weight   294 g / 10.3 oz


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