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Western Mountaineering SummerLite 32°F Sleeping Bag

SummerLite 32°F Sleeping Bag

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At just 1 pound 3 ounces, the SummerLite is the lightest sleeping bag Western Mountaineering makes in a continuous baffle construction: as light as possible without eliminating key features or function.

The result is a fully baffled bag that weighs only 19 ounces and features a full-length zipper with insulated draft protection. The SummerLite is a dream come true for lightweight backpacking fanatics.

Western Mountaineering is a small, independent company that makes all their products in the USA.


Wilderness Exchange is proud to offer the Western line to our customers. We believe they offer the highest quality down products in the world, and represent the last of a dying breed of small manufacturers committed to building outdoor gear with quality, integrity, and no compromises. Crawl into one on their bags and you will immediately feel the difference — you are surrounding yourself in a work of art! Why do we love Western Mountaineering so? 

  1. They build the best down sleeping bags in the world, right here in the USA.
  2. They will service any bag they have ever made. Have a 20-year-old Western bag that is losing a little loft? No problem! Send it back to Western and they will fill an obscene amount of down back into it for a token payment of around $20-$40.
  3. Cold feet? Wide shoulders? They will custom-build your bag for you with a minimal upcharge.
  4. The owner, after running this business for over 40 years, still answers the phone himself. How refreshing! 


 Shape  Mummy
 Temp Rating  32°F
 Fill  850+ premium power goose down
 Fill Weight  5'6" - 8 oz
 6' - 9 oz
 6'6" - 10 oz
 Loft  4 in
 Dimensions  5'6" - 59 x 51 x 38 in
 6' - 59 x 51 x 38 in
 6'6" - 60 x 52 x 38 in
 Stuffed Size  6 x 12 in
 Weight  5'6" - 1 lb 2 oz
 6' - 1 lb 3 oz
 6'6" - 1 lb 5 oz


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