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Petzl Spatha Knife

Spatha Knife

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To accompany you at height during all daily tasks, the Petzl Spatha knife's blade easily cuts ropes and cord. It has a carabiner hole to attach the knife to your harness. It's textured wheel makes it easy to operate, even when wearing gloves. Can be locked into the open position.


Main photo is Blue.


  • Smooth/serrated combo blade easily cuts ropes and cordage
  • Hole for attaching knife to harness with a Petzl Caritool or a binder
  • Two ways to open the blade: with the notch in the blade if bare handed, or with the textured wheel when wearing gloves
  • Mechanism for locking the blade in the open position
  • Stainless steel blade for improved durability
  • Weighs 43 g


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