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Mammut Smart HMS 2.0 Screwgate Carabiner

Smart HMS 2.0 Screwgate Carabiner

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A redesigned HMS carabiner with a safety mechanism to prevent cross-loading - with a higher breaking load and reduced weight - Mammut's Smart HMS 2.0 Screwgate is the ideal carabiner to hold your chosen belay device.


  • An optimal carabiner for belaying
  • Safety gate to secure the carabiner in the correct position
  • The safety gate ensures the carabiner can only be used when it is securely closed
  • Optimized construction for smooth belaying and extended durability
  • Key lock nose for easy clipping and unclipping without snagging
 Major Axis Strength  28 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  11 kN
 Open Gate Strength  6 kN
 Weight  93 g / 3.3 oz


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