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Atomic Shift 13 MNC Alpine Touring Ski Binding

Shift 13 MNC Alpine Touring Ski Binding

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Imagine a warehouse stacked to the ceiling with boxes, just crammed so tight you can barely breathe. Those boxes represent the good news. Now imagine that same warehouse with a single and lonely envelope on the oil-spattered floor. That's the itty bitty shred of bad news. Let's talk about all that good news first!

Atomic fiddled with the Shift binding for nearly a decade before bringing it to market. That's a long time for an industry leader to perfect a ski binding, but all that R&D paid off in spades. Hyperbole aside, Atomic's Shift 13 MNC alpine touring ski binding is a literal game changer. As the industry stands in '22/'23, it represents the only binding on the planet with the ergonomic rotation/boot tilt and significant weight-savings of a pin binding for the skin track, while at the same time boasting the full DIN certification, alpine toe and heel, and power transmission of a traditional alpine binding for owning the descent. One binding to rule them all...

But there's so much more. The Shift 13 MNC is compatible with all ISO normed alpine and touring boots. All of them. For the first time, you're not going to have to compromise when touring or skiing, whether that means hiking with heavier bindings or laps at the resort on pins. Use these bindings for that touring trip you've had planned for months. Snap in your alpine boots when you're sneaking into the resort on a weekday. Depress a button on the toe to toggle between lightweight uphills and hard-charging descents. Easy peasy.

Oh yeah, the bad news? It's levels up in safety for the addition of a few extra grams. I think we'll be okay with that...


  • The only binding that turns from a pin-tourer into a genuine, full DIN, ISO-compatible alpine binding for the downhill
  • Simply flip the Hike and Ride Switch to transform the shift from touring to freeride binding
  • Full DIN certification in both the heel and toe so you don't have to worry about pre-release
  • Touring mode benefits from a climbing aid (2° & 10°) and crampon compatibility
  • Multi Norm Certification means that this binding is going to work with every ski boot on the market (with heel/toe lugs)
  • 47mm of lateral elasticity further ensures you're not going to be ejected from the binding
  • Low Profile Chassis improves feel for terrain and increases power to the ski
  • Binding's extra-wide platform allows for max lateral power transmission, especially on wider sticks
  • 2 year warranty
 Size  110
 DIN Range  6-13
 Heel Adjustment Range  30 mm
 Lateral Elasticity  47 mm
 Recommended Skier Weight  49.8+ kg / 110+ lbs
 Standing Height  30 mm
 Climbing Aids  2° & 10°
 Weight  865 g / 30.5 oz


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