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Mad Rock Remora HV Climbing Shoe

Remora HV Climbing Shoe

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It ain't every day you come across a climbing slipper with the cross-genre versatility of Mad Rock's classic and trusted Remora HV. Slip these puppies on for bouldering, sport climbing, gym climbing, and definitely when placing gear in splitter cracks. There's a lot to go over here.

First of, fit. The HV stands for "high volume," meaning this Remora caters to a slightly wider or higher volume foot. A burly EVA-filled pull tab in the back and one on top help you slide into the slipper, while chevron-patterned elastic "scales" on the instep wrap the foot like a dream. And fear not the dreaded "break in," as the Remora HV is good to go out of the box. Buzz off, blisters!

Next up, performance. These blue beasts boast a soft, flexible outsole, leading to dreamy sensitivity and feedback when on the rock. Those challenging gym volumes will crumble beneath the shoe's sticky sensitivity, while that same flexibility allows precision slab climbing. Once again, that patented flex works like a dream in cracks, whether lacing up granite fissures in the South Platte or running out splitter in Indian Creek. If this is your dedicated crack shoe, size up a half size and allow your foot to slightly spin in the shoe when yarding in the crack, allowing your foot to remain at least a skoshe downward-oriented.

The speed climbing slipper of choice for Mad Rock's Olympic athletes. An absolute tool for crack climbing. A beast with a sensitive side for those overhanging bouldering and sport projects...all that for $109. What a bonkers deal...


  • One of the most versatile slippers on the market for an astonishing price
  • Highly versatile for bouldering, sport climbing, gym climbing, and an absolute ace in cracks
  • Slightly downturned profile brings the power on vert and overhanging terrain
  • Power upper designed with climbing-grade rubber for toe hooking, scumming, and crack climbing
  • Syn Flex upper provides an ideal comfort-to-performance ratio
  • Vegan-friendly design
  • Almost no break-in required
 Profile  Performance
 Construction  Slightly downturned & moderate asymmetry
 Closure  Slipper
 Upper  Syn Flex
 Footbed Lining  Syn Flex
 Midsole  None
 Outsole  4.2mm Science Friction 3.0 / R2 rubber rand 
 Weight (pair)  476 g / 16.8 oz (size 9)


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