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Tenaya Ra Climbing Shoe - Men's

Ra Climbing Shoe - Men's

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Versatility is the name of the game with the Ra, a shoe capable of performing on vertical and slightly overhanging terrain with the comfort to wear all-day. With a simple and uncluttered design, don't let the Ra fool you, this shoe packs plenty of features. The Ra offers the precision you need for top competitions and cutting edge sport-routes on rock, as well as the comfort you'll needs for those monster training sessions.

Constructed on a 4mm rubber outsole and a five-layer insole, the Ra is rigid enough for tiny edges while providing sufficient flexibility and responsiveness for the most tenuous of smears. This all-arounder also features sticky rubber reinforcements to both the forefoot and instep, not only increasing abrasion resistance but also adding structure and support. Together with the Ra’s asymmetric shape and glove-like fit, this allows for greater precision on tiny edges.

Comfort, versatility, and the beaming endorsement of two-time world champion rock crusher Ramon Julia. Yeah, the Ra is an incredible shoe if you're looking to do a little bit of everything without abandoning an ounce of performance.



  • Versatile shoe that balances power to the toe and all-day comfort and long training sessions
  • Great shoe for vertical or moderately overhung routes, equally suited to bouldering
  • Rubber reinforced toe-box for increased abrasion resistance and superior toe-hooking
  • 4mm rubber outsole and five-layer insole is rigid enough for tiny edges while providing flexibility and responsiveness for the most tenuous of smears
 Last  Moderately asymmetrical
 Construction  Medium downturn
 Closure  Hook-and-loop straps
 Upper  Microfiber
 Midsole  2D PLT 10
 Lining  TXT treated cotton / TXT multi-stretch Stretchtex
 Outsole  4mm Vibram XS Grip
 Weight  340 g / 12 oz


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