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Sterling Quest 9.6mm x 70M XEROS Bicolor Climbing Rope

Quest 9.6mm x 70M XEROS Bicolor Climbing Rope

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Some climbers are known for punishing their equipment, which is just fine if their making judicious gear choices. The Quest is a perfect fit for a climber looking to get after it. This cord is a lightweight workhorse ideal for every climber and discipline.

The Quest is perfect for climbers looking for the perfect balance of weight and durability. Plus, its smooth sheath reduces gear drag while its mid-9 mm diameter keeps things light. At 70 meters, you'll be able to tackle most modern routes, while the bicolor weave enhances safety and middle-of-the-rope certainty. 

Let's talk about that XEROS dry treatment real quick. XEROS does not apply a simply dry coating to the rope, or a separate liquid bath treatment. XEROS is a new step in the manufacturing process of individual nylon fibers, before they’re even twisted into yarn, that makes each fiber water resistant. When making dry rope using these fibers, the result is a product that blows traditional dry rope out of the water. This creates a dry rope that is more effective, more wear resistant, better for the environment, with less sheath slippage, all at a lower cost.


  • A workhorse rope for every climber and discipline, sturdy enough for serious punishment
  • UIAA Dry certified built with Sterling XEROS technology
  • Made with bluesign certified raw materials
  • Bicolor weave
  • Smooth sheath reduces rope drag while remaining lightweight with a mid-9mm diameter
 Diameter  9.6 mm
 Type  Single
 Length  70 meters
 Dry Coating  Yes
 Impact Force  9.1 kN
 Static Elongation  7.7%
 Dynamic Elongation  29%
 Bi-Color / Center Mark  Bi-color
 No. UIAA Falls  8
 Weight  61 g/M


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