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Edelrid Pure Slider Locking Carabiner

Pure Slider Locking Carabiner

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Here's a little secret: Climbers do not need huge, bulky locking carabiners to make anchors, belay our partners, or clipping critical gear! Yes, the locking mechanism certainly matters...but size does not.

Edelrid took that notion and made some magic with their offset-D shaped Pure Slider, a svelte autolocker with a sliding gate mechanism that doesn't involve screwing, banishes twisting, and can be comfortably operated while wearing gloves. Not only does the slide-gate minimize the risk of accidental gate openings but it won't ice up as easily as traditional screw- or twist-gates. 

So, the brass tacks? Adding the Pure Slider to your rack saves weight, saves room, provides more security, can be operated with gloves on, and won't ice or gunk up. Gotta love meaningful innovation!


  • Lighter, smaller, and safer locking carabiner boasting Edelrid's innovative slide-gate mechanism
  • Slide-gate is super fast to operate, even with gloves on, with no additional screwing or twisting
  • Gate won't ice up or gunk up as easily as traditional lockers
  • Locking slide-gate minimizes the risk of accidental gate opening
  • H-profile construction serves up an ideal weight-to-strength ratio
  • EN 12275 & EN 362 certifications
 Major Axis Strength  23 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  8 kN
 Open Gate Strength  8 kN
 Gate Opening  17 mm
 Width  58 mm
 Weight  45 g / 1.6 oz


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