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DMM Protection Pack - Nut Set

Protection Pack - Nut Set

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DMM's curated Protection Pack is a nut set including a set of Wallnuts (1-11) and Alloy Offsets (7-11), perfect for building your first trad rack!


Despite their simple appearance, Wallnuts are highly featured pieces of climbing hardware. A different alloy is used for each size - smaller Wallnuts are made from a harder alloy to prevent shearing, while larger sizes are softer so they can bite into placements. Larger Wallnuts feature hollow construction to reduce weight.

Wallnuts can be placed in two different orientations, allowing a single nut to cover a range of cracks. They are tapered across both their face and sides, helping them sit better in cracks that are rarely parallel sided. Grooved faces reduce weight, help the nut seat better in cracks, improve security in shallow placements, and resist lifting out when a leader moves past them.

Wallnuts are mounted on wires that are stiff enough to allow overhead placements, while flexible enough to reduce the chance of lifting out. They are colour coded to correspond with the rest of our protection range, and to give quick and easy selection of the correct size from your harness.

Wallnuts are the basis on which to build a comprehensive climbing rack. Complemented by other, more specialised pieces of protection, they are guaranteed to be the most regularly used piece of protection on your harness.

Alloy Offsets

Woulnd't it be great if cracks were predictable, allowing us to yank the exact nut we needed, slamming it home, and carrying on? Alas, that just ain't the case. When normal nuts won't do the job, reach for a set of DMM Alloy Offsets.

Alloy Offsets protect irregular, flared, and generally wonky cracks that regular nuts just can't sew up. Every size of Alloy Offset has a robust 12kN strength rating, while the wires are set into a recess to reduce wear and larger sizes boast holes that reduce weight.

Use in conjunction with DMM's Wallnuts for comprehensive all season crack protection!


  • Includes a set of Wallnuts, 1-11
  • Includes a set of Alloy Offsets, 7-11
  • Perfect for building your first trad rack
  • Full pack weighs in at 624 g / 22 oz


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