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Packtowl Original Towel

Original Towel

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The Original is a super-absorbent outdoor towel that's perfect for backcountry and camping use. The heavy-duty, quick-drying towel comes in a variety of sizes to meet any utility need, whether cleaning up in a camp kitchen, wiping down the outside of your wet tent, to mopping up water in your boat. It's made from a natural, sustainable fiber-based fabric that softens with every wash, so it only gets better with age.


  • Made of a compostable, fiber-based fabric
  • Super-absorbent fabric soaks up 10 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily
  • Dries over 40% faster than comparable cotton towels
  • Perfect for everything from campsite to kitchen and workshop use
  • Hang loop and mesh zippered storage pouch included for easy drying and packing
  • Machine washable
Size M L
Weight 30 g / 1 oz 60 g / 2.1 oz
Dimensions 30 x 56 cm / 12 x 22 in 42 x 92 cm / 16.5 x 36 in


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