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Blizzard Hustle 10 Alpine Touring Ski

Hustle 10 Alpine Touring Ski

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Finally, cardio fanatics and hard-charging freeriders can meet in the middle with Blizzard's highly-anticipated Hustle 10. Powered by a lightweight TrueBlend Free woodcore buttressed by a carbon/fiberglass weave, these skis are light enough that the skin track won't suck up all the energy you'll need for ripping the descent. It's the Best of Both Worlds, as Sammy Hagar's Van Halen once sang!

Toss on an alpine-style or a lightweight tech binding - that's up to you - the Hustle 10 is guaranteed to offer the uphill efficiency dedicated tourers demand. But where it surprises is on the downhill. The blending of different densities of wood in the Trueblend Free Woodcore creates three distinct flex zones; a softer flex zone in the tip and tail areas that facilitates easy turn initiation and release, a medium flex zone in front of and behind the binding that helps deliver confidence and control, and finally a stiffer flex zone in the center that guarantees perfect edge grip and stability. While not a dedicated resort ski, the Hustle 10 will certainly perform on-piste in a variety of conditions.

If you love exploring the entire mountain and earning it from the skin track, you'd be hard pressed to find a ski that weds the disparate personalities of all-mountain skiing as well as the Hustle 10.

Oh yeah, this also won Ski Magazine's Editor's Choice for "Best Backcountry Ski" of 2023. No biggie.




  • Built for backcountry skiers who earn their turns on the skin track but demand performance on the downhill
  • Trueblend Free Woodcore blends beech and poplar with paulownia for the ideal flex to cover all backcountry requirements in a light package
  • Carbon DRT tech blends carbon fiber with fiberglass to give you better support, more dampening, stability, and control without adding weight
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall serves up stability and power transfer while maintaining top-level durability
  • Rocker-Camber-Rocker profile boasts easy handling and excellent edge grip
 Length (cm)  156  164  172  180  188
 Tip Width (mm)  131  131.5  132  133  135.5
 Waist Width (mm)  102  102  102  102  104
 Tail Width (mm)  121  121.5  122  122.5  125.5
 Turning Radius (m)  13  14.5  16  17.5  19
 Weight per Ski (g/lbs)  1480 / 3.2  1630 / 3.5  1730 / 3.8  1800 / 3.9  1900 / 4.1


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