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Black Diamond HotForge Hybrid Quickdraw

HotForge Hybrid Quickdraw

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The HotForge Hybrid is one of the most versatile quickdraws in Black Diamond's fleet. On top you'll find the new snag-free HotForge keylock carabiner and the easy-clipping HotWire carabiner on bottom, colored for a visual climbing target.

The HotForge quickdraw combines smooth clippability with wiregate functionality. In between the two, an 18 mm polyester dogbone is not only durable and easy to grab, but it features Black Diamond's Straightjacket insert to keep the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position.



  • New HotForge on top and redesigned HotWire wiregate on the bottom
  • Colored bottom HotWire carabiner for visual target while climbing
  • Snag-free keylock top bnier for easy bolt clipping
  • Equippped with an 18 mm polyester dogbone with Straightjacket
  • Available in 12cm length


 Major Axis Strength  24 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  8 kN
 Open Gate Strength  8 kN
 Gate Opening  [Top] 22 mm / 0.87 in [Bottom] 27 mm / 1.06 in
 Weight Per  99 g / 3.5 oz



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