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Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoe Kit

Helium Trail Snowshoe Kit

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First, two incontrovertible facts. One, winter hiking without snowshoes and poles is a thankless slog and possibly repayment for some previous karmic error. Two, winter hiking is an absolute blast with snowshoes and poles! Moral of the story? Get yourself some snowshoes and poles if you love winter hiking!

Updated for '22/'23, Atlas's Helium Trail snowshoes offer a bombproof design coupled with all the features you'll need to tackle any winter trail outside of super-extreme sufferfests. The most notable addition to these reliable snowshoes is the new Wrapp Stretch binding system. Boasting a secure and comfortable fit, the binding's diamond pattern optimizes fit by stretching taut over whichever boots you're wearing. Quick-fitting and easy to use with 2-buckle closure, the Wrapp Stretch is a significant improvement over Atlas's previous (and totally sufficient) webbing binding.

Let's not stop with the binding. The Helium series also boasts an ultralight composite deck which sheds snow and is oblivious to the battering it is sure to take. A new easy-climb 12 degree Heel Lift assists those uphill traverses, while steel tangs coupled with steel traction rails serve up ideal grip and traction on slopes and uneven snow.

This Snowshoe Kit also includes a set of Trail Walking 2-Piece Poles that serve up lightweight packability, easy locking adjustment, and big old powder baskets. Rounding out the package is the Snowshoe Tote Bag, a roll-top closure carrying system with reinforced cleat protection and adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Full-service snowshoe kit that includes snowhoes, adjustable poles, and a carry tote
  • New and improved, the Helium Trail offers a premium fit, ultralight and incredibly durable design, and traction for the long haul
  • New Wrapp Stretch binding offers an unmatched fit - no matter your boots - and easy on and off
  • Easy-climb 12 degree heel lifts offer assistance on the uphills
  • Tempered steel tangs coupled with steel traction rails provide grip and traction in hard pack or uneven snow conditions
  • Traction Rails run 2/3 length of snowshoe providing stability and control in all conditions, while still allowing tail to flex for natural gate
  • Pivot Limiter allows a more comfortable and steady stride
  • Lightweight Trail Walking 2-Piece Pole offers a single-adjustment locking mechanism, EVA grip, and steel flex tips
  • Snowshoe Tote Bag features a roll-top closure, adjustable shoulder strap, and reinforced cleat protection
 Length   58.4 cm / 23 in
 Width  20.3 cm / 8 in
 Crampon Construction  Carbon steel
 Binding Type  Wrapp Stretch
 Max Load Recommendation  Up to 72.5 kg / 160 lbs
 Weight per pair   1.55 kg / 3 lbs 7 oz
 Pole Length  Adjustable to 130 cm / 51.1 in


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