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Edelrid Bulletproof Set Quickdraw

Bulletproof Set Quickdraw

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"Bulletproof" may be just a bit hyperbolic, but Edelrid's Bulletproof Set is one of the burliest, raddest quickdraws on the market. Yes, H-profile construction ensures minimal weight and an anti-twist fixing holds the carabiner in place, but the real story here is the steel insert in the rope-end carabiner that prevents premature wear due to rope friction. 

Whether you're going bolt-to-bolt for a bucket list send on Rifle's "Bad Girls Club" (5.14c/d) or carefully clipping up your first multipitch on Clear Creek Canyon's "People's Choice" (5.10), the Bulletproof will ensure your draws will remain far stronger and more dependable than your pumped-out forearms!

Available in 12cm and 18cm lengths.


  • One of the most robust quickdraws on the market, ready for any project you can throw at it
  • Steel insert in rope-end carabiner prevents premature wear due to rope friction
  • H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight
  • One Bullet carabiner and one Bulletproof carabiner with keylock closure for optimal handling when clipping/unclipping
  • High-strength 15/22mm narrow/wide polyamide sling
  • Anti-twist fixing holds the carabiner in the right orientation
 Major Axis Strength  24 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  8 kN
 Open Gate Strength  8 kN
 Gate Open Clearance  20 mm
 Sling Width  15 / 22 mm
 Weight Per Draw  12 cm - 117 g / 4.1 oz
 18 cm - 124 g / 4.3 oz


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