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Atomic Backland Tour Alpine Touring Ski Binding

Backland Tour Alpine Touring Ski Binding

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Lighten up your alpine touring kit with the field-proven Backland Tour, Atomic's lightweight, burly, and easy-to-use AT tech binding. Step-in aids feature an integrated toe bar to guide you boot into the ideal front position, while two climbing aids offer uphill efficiency. If that doesn't do it, the Backland Tours also accept ski crampons. Rounding out the ascent portion of our program, Atomic's touring brakes feature a unique locking system that toggles easily from hike to ski mode.

A wider 40mm mounting base serves up maximum power transmission for the downhill, not to mention bomber screw retention. A fairly low stack height lends responsiveness while you can choose from three different retention values and springs, unfortunately labeled "Expert," "Men," and "Women." That labeling oddity is just about the only thing that Atomic needs to work on, as the Backland Tour should be all the binding you'll need in the backcountry.  


  • Field-proven, lightweight, durable, incredibly easy-to-use backcountry touring binding that comes with brakes
  • Patented step-in aid features an integrated toe bar that guides your boot into perfect position
  • 2 climbing aids work separately from the heel tower, so with one easy click you can choose between 0°, 7°, and 13° positions
  • Heel tower turns in both directions, adding to the binding's excellent simplicity
  • Crampon compatible
  • Broad 40mm mounting for max power transmission on wide skis and less likelihood of screws pulling out
  • Lengthy 50mm sole-length adjustment
  • 2 year warranty
 Sizes  100 & 110
 DIN Range  "Expert" / Men" / "Women"
 Heel Adjustment Range  50 mm
 Standing Height  30 mm
 Climbing Aids  7° & 13°
 Weight Per Pair  398 g / 14 oz


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