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TwentyTwo Designs Axl Telemark Binding

Axl Telemark Binding

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The Axl sports a bombproof, six-hole mounting pattern, long-lasting chrome die springs, and a front assembly built of tough stainless steel. 22 Designs took advantage of a unique beta test program to gather input from hundreds of skiers and used the experience to refine the Axl's design. In fact, most of the parts of the binding were improved, providing adjustable and exceptional power while remaining a reliable and effortless tourer.


  • The first free-pivot binding with three cable guide positions to optimize bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions
  • Durable: 2,000-pound test cable attachments won't break as toepiece forces are transmitted steel-to-steel
  • More than 2 inches of spring travel for smooth action and durability
  • The spring-loaded HammerHeel is easy to use by flipping up or down with a ski pole
  • Climbing bails available in three sizes (standard bail included)
  • Cables routed underfoot for maximum control
  • Plastic boots flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing
  • Ultra-secure mounting pattern
  • Riser height: 1.1 in / 28 mm at rear, with a 2 degree ramp
  • Pivot location directly under pin-line
  • Made in the USA
 Weight/Pair  S - 3.9 lb / 1,765 g
 L - 4.1 lb / 1,860 g
 Free Pivot   Yes
 Resistance Options  Interchangeable springs
 Cable Routing  Underfoot
 Climbing Wires  Standard bail included,
 3 heights available
 Leashes  Not included


 Size  S  L
 Mondo Point Size  Below 25.5  26+


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