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Tenaya Arai Climbing Shoe

Arai Climbing Shoe

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Its rough sometimes, when you're looking for a climbing shoe that performs well without breaking either your toes or the bank. Having to sacrifice any of those for a pair of climbing shoes you're not entirely psyched on is bogus, period. Well, Tenaya heard you.

The Arai kinda seems like it was born to suture up the gap between comfort and performance for entry-level and intermediate climbers. Tenaya tosses in a slight downturn to the toe box, allowing more confident yarding on overhanging or itsy-bitsy edges and pockets, usually a welcome-upgrade from that first pair of shoes you burnt through in a few months.

However, retaining the comfort of a first shoe is a top priority for this little Spanish company. The Arai features a four-layer midsole, which not only shoots all the power to your forefoot but also offers a more stable platform to stand in all day, unlike a lot of high-performance sport and bouldering shoes (by the time climbers start dabbling in the upper echelon of shoes they've usually gained the foot strength/stability necessary to actually reap the rewards of those advanced features). A breathable and elasticated tongue with Velcro closure adds even more comfort and ease-of-use.

Straight-up, this is one of the most performance-oriented sub-$130 on the planet. 



  • Combining comfort and performance, this is one of the most versatile and performance-oriented sub-$130 shoes on the market
  • Slightly downturned toe offers additional power, especially on overhanging edges and pockets
  • Four-layer midsole transmits power to the toe-box while offering the support you'll need for all-day climbing sessions
  • A medium width/volume shoe that fits a wide variety of foot shapes
  • Breathable and elasticated tongue with Velcro closure serves up a quick and easy fit
  • Rubber reinforced toe box resists abrasion while offering a bit of grip for toe-hooking and scumming
 Profile  Asymmetric
 Construction  Slightly downturned
 Closure  2 hook-and-loop straps
 Upper  Microfiber
 Lining  Unlined
 Midsole  2D PLT 8
 Outsole  4mm 
 Weight (pair)  640 g / 22.6 oz


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