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DMM Alloy Offsets Nuts

Alloy Offsets Nuts

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Wouldn't it be great if cracks were predictable, allowing us to yank the exact nut we needed, slamming it home, and carrying on? Alas, that just ain't the case. When normal nuts won't do the job, reach for a set of DMM Alloy Offsets.

Alloy Offsets protect irregular, flared, and generally wonky cracks that regular nuts just can't sew up. Every size of Alloy Offset has a robust 12kN strength rating, while the wires are set into a recess to reduce wear and larger sizes boast holes that reduce weight.

Use in conjunction with DMM's Wallnuts for comprehensive all season crack protection!

2022 CLOSEOUT    


  • Nuts with an offset taper protect cracks where normal nuts would not sit properly, such as flared cracks and peg scars
  • Can be placed either side or face on, doubling the number of cracks any single piece can protect
  • Offsets have a groove machined into their faces, allowing them to sit better in irregular placements and on highly featured rock
  • Color coded for easy size identification
  • Unlike active protection such as cams, passive protection can be used in wet or icy cracks, where friction is reduced


Size Weight Range (mm) Strength Color
7 27 g 12-15.1 12 kN Gold
8 30 g 13.5-17.9 12 kN Blue
9 37 g  17.1-21.4 12 kN Red
10 45 g 19.4-25.1 12 kN Gray
11 56 g 23.2-30 12 kN Light Blue
Set (7-11) 195 g 12-30 12 kN Assorted


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