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Fixe Hardware Alien Cam

Alien Cam

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These cams are all-time favorites for many climbers who've tried them for tight and shallow or funky placements, such as pin scars, pockets, and mini-huecos. They really came to fame as the ultimate horizontal crack protection, on account of their flexible stems.

Gone for awhile, Fixe Hardware was proud to reintroduce them. CCH is now a Fixe brand, and all manufacturing is done in Spain. Each unit is tested and CE/UIAA certified. Aliens are being sold through Fixe and select shops only. (We at the WildyX are all grins here.)

Cams are color-coded and exceptionally easy to rack and identify and come equipped with a six-inch Ultratape sling.


  • Aliens are widely regarded as the best thin-protection cams around
  • Patented internal spring construction allows placements where even most 3-cam units won't fit, such as pin scars, pockets, and mini-huecos
  • Flexible stems are well-suited for horizontal cracks
  • Color-coded Aliens rack and unrack like a dream
  • Place Aliens at 50% closure for maximum holding strength
Size Color Range Weight Strength
1/3 Black

0.33-0.55 in

66 g 9 kN
3/8 Blue 0.39-0.67 in
71 g 11 kN
1/2 Green 0.53-0.86 in
74 g 11 kN
3/4 Yellow 0.61-1 in
74 g 11 kN
7/8 Grey 0.68-1.2 in
82 g 12 kN
1 Red 0.78-1.3 in
88 g 12 kN


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