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Metolius 8 Step Ladder Aider

8 Step Ladder Aider

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This 8 Step Aider features ladder-style construction with 8 steps for maximum ease of use. Biothane™ step stiffeners ensure that the steps always stay open. This aider offers a reinforced clip-in point, a full-strength grab loop, and sub-steps in the top two steps. It also has a dedicated clip-in point at the bottom for enchaining aiders without collapsing the bottom step. Because of it's relative light weight, this puppy excels on both hard aid and for people just entering the world of aid climbing. For body weight only.


  • Ladder-style aider with 8 steps
  • Versatile and lightweight enough for serious aid routes and folks just learning aid technique
  • Biothane step stiffeners ensure that steps stay open
  • Reinforced clip-in point
  • Full-strength grab loop
  • Sub-steps in the top two steps
  • Dedicated clip-in point at bottom for enchaining aiders without collapsing bottom step
  • For body weight only


 # Steps  8
 Overall Length  74 in / 1880 mm
 Material  25 mm / 1 in flat nylon webbing w/ Biothane step stiffeners
 Step Spacing  9 in / 229 mm
 Strength  End-to-End - 18 kN / 4050 lbf
 Grab Loop - 22 kN / 4950 lbf
 Steps - 4.4 kN / 1000 lbf
 Weight  11.5 oz / 326 g


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