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Dynafit Seven Summits+ Alpine Touring Ski Set

Seven Summits+ Alpine Touring Ski Set

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Let the experts at Dynafit do the heavy lifting so you don't have to worry about buying the perfect binding for your ski or cutting your skins or even deciding which of the scores of skins to choose from. The Seven Summits+ Alpine Touring Ski Set offers up a perfectly curated package with the Seven Summits touring ski, the Radical Long Travel Binding, and pre-cut Dynafit skins. After adjusting the bindngs the whole kit and caboodle is ready to roll, no fuss no muss.

A confident ski in variable terrain and conditions, the Seven Summit+ ski features a poplar wood core for an even flex and plenty of pop, full ABS sidewalls to drive power to your edges, and an extended turning radius for a more forgiving ride. Mounted on top is the ST Radical Long Travel Binding, capable of driving the ski in the resort and light enough to shine while touring. Step-In Side Towers offer a breezy step-in, while two riser heights and a flat mode make the uphill a wee bit more fun.

Finally, this ski set comes with Seven Summit climbing skins, which employ a rubber tip and metal hook for durability and reliability. A 70% mohair/30% nylon mix serves up great grip and glide, as you'd expect from Dynafit's Speedskin system. All that and they're already pre-cut - no trimming necessary!



  • Alpine touring set-up to get you on- and off-piste with one quick binding adjustment and a pair of boots
  • Rocker length and sidecut of each size matched perfectly for consistent properties when touring
  • Full ABS sidewalls increase edge hold, shock absorption, and direct-to-binding power transfer
  • ST Radical Long Travel Binding features easy step-in, lateral stability, and two riser bars for the uphill
  • Binding offers 50 mm of flex in its length adjustment, enabling it to fit various sole lengths
  • Pre-trimmed skins offer Pomoca-quality grip and glide, rubber tip and metal hook for durability, and a a 70% mohair / 30% nylon mix
  • 2 year warranty
 Length (cm)  158  166  174  182
 Tip Width (mm)  113  114  116  118
 Waist Width (mm)  83  84  85  86
 Tail Width (mm)  102  103  105  107
 Turning Radius (m)  17  18.5  20  21.5
 Weight per Ski (g/lbs)  1942 / 4.2  2002 / 4.4  2072 / 4.5  2142 / 4.7


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