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Platypus Quickdraw 3L Gravity Filter System

Quickdraw 3L Gravity Filter System

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The multi-compatible QuickDraw 3L Gravity Filter System is the most versatile ultralight gravity filter on the market.

Able to convert from a gravity system to a squeeze setup when you want it, it can do it all with your preferred bottles and reservoirs. At the core of the system is the iconic fast-flowing hollow fiber QuickDraw Filter.

The system is built to be safe, effortless, and long-lasting. Two cleaning methods—shake-to-clean and backflushing—keep the filter flowing fast throughout your trip, while the Integrity Check process allows you to ensure it’s still safely filtering water. If there ever was one, the QuickDraw 3L Gravity Filter System is the one backcountry water filter that does it all.


  • I/O threads, the ConnectCap, quick connector-fitted hose, and the Bottle Adapter let you dial in your custom leak-free system using the clean and dirty vessels you prefer, like smartwater bottles, Platy bottles, and quick disconnect-fitted hydration reservoirs.
  • Proprietary tri-layer film dirty reservoir has a detachable hydrophobic hang handle, an easy-fill wide-mouth opening, and is super durable and packable—plus it’s guaranteed plastic-taste-free.
  • Ultralight at just 8.2 oz (233 g)
  • Fast Flowing hollow fibers filter 1.75 liters per minute in a gravity setup and 3 liters per minute with squeeze pressure.
  • Easily shake-to-clean the system or backflush it to keep the water flowing fast throughout your trip.
  • Safe and Effective to meet all EPA and NSF guidelines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa.
  • Comes with QuickDraw Filter, 3L QuickDraw dirty reservoir with cap, dirty-side cap, ConnectCap with cover, Bottle Adapter, backflush washer, hose with quick connector, shutoff clamp and storage bag.


 Size 3L
 Capacity 100 fl oz
 Dimensions 9.5 x 3.9 x 3.2 in
 Weight 8.2 oz / 233 g


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