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Wild Country Syncro Harness

$79.95 $99.95
In stock

The Wild Country Syncro has twin central buckles on the waist that are quick to adjust and allow a bigger range-per-size. They will also keep your gear loops where you want them.


Designed around Wild Country's load-spreading V-Flex belt, this climbing harness is more comfortable and secure than ever. It’s the perfect partner for bigwalls, guiding or long days cragging. Fully featured, including seven integrated gear racks, it's a true workhorse!


Main photo is Pirate Black.

  • Twin central buckles are quick to adjust
  • V-Flex belt is comfortable and secure
  • 7 integrated gear loops

 Size  S/M  M/L  L/XL
 Waist  72-84 cm  80-92 cm  88-100 cm
 Leg  57-63 cm  61-67 cm  65-71 cm
 Weight  456 g  475 g  494 g