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Wild Country Syncro Harness

In stock

Wild Country took the best elements of the old Syncro - the features, big capacity, multi-pitch harness - and then went back to the drawing board. They came up with a completely new construction that offers superior versatility, comfort, support, and ventilation with maximum gear carrying capacity for long lines and big wall projects, all at a reasonable weight.

Made with a super comfortable padding and matched with robust, abrasion-resistant Ripstop covering, the Syncro offers a proven combination of durability, flexibility, and weight distribution for hanging belays and long days without uncomfortable pressure points. Wild Country also gave the reinforced lower tie-in point a wear indicator. It has red threads that become visible after excessive wear and abrasion to show you when it is time to replace the harness. A further important standout feature is the ventilated Air Mesh zone for increased breathability in the lumbar region. The two beefy slide block buckles on the 25 mm webbing waistbelt and on the 20mm webbing leg loops can be fully opened to make the harness easier to put on when wearing skis or crampons. For each of the four buckles you get elastic strap retainers to prevent loose ends. 

The Syncro features a total of six gear loops with two rigid front loops and four softer loops at the back for multiple racking options and uncluttered organization. The gear loops are also specifically designed for easy gear retrieval and its twin buckles at the waist allow you to keep everything centered, no matter how many layers you’re wearing. And there are two slots for carrying tools or ice screw holders and a decent-sized rear haul loop, too.

  • Unisex harness built for maximum gear capacity while remaining comfy and versatile
  • Maximum comfort when hanging: well-cushioned, broad waistbelt distributes load over entire surface area
  • Engineered for balanced weight distribution and maximum stability, no matter how big your rack
  • Ergonomically-shaped, adjustable leg loops and waistbelt remain comfortable while moving
  • Dual slide block, aluminium waist buckles allow tie-in point to be centered
  • Dual slide block, aluminium leg buckles for full adjustment, including over winter layers
  • Ventilated Air Mesh zone for increased breathability at the lumbar region
  • Integrated wear indicator at lower tie-in point
  • Six gear loops: two rigid front gear loops, four flexible rear gear loops for organized racking, optimum separation, and to prevent bunching
  • Two attachment points for ice screw/tool holders
  • Rear haul/gear loop
 Size  S/M  L/XL
 Waist  67-87.5 cm  83-102.5 cm
 Leg Loop  45-60 cm  55-70 cm
 Weight  560 g / 1.2 lbs  640 g / 1.4 lbs