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Voile Switchback X2 Telemark Binding

$244.95 $349.00
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Voile's Switchback X2 tele binding has the reliable ice-proof latching system of the Switchback for efficient uphill travel, but the X2 has a more powerful downhill toe plate and stiffer cartridge springs.

Voilé lengthened the toe plate by nearly 3cm, repositioning the Hardwire cable pivot point and stiffened the cartridge springs by 25%. Yet it's still the lightest tele tour binding, at 3 lb, 2 oz a pair. Like the original, it's easily switched from uphill touring to downhill telemark skiing with use of a ski pole. Also comes with dual-height climbing heel elevators.

  • Toe plate lengthened for more boot contact and new Hardwire cable position for more power
  • Stiffer cartridge springs by 25%
  • Full wrap-around stainless steel toe plate without rivets
  • Enclosed design eliminates ice build up
  • Lightest weight available
  • Appropriate riser height, 25 mm
  • Time tested Hardwire heel assembly instead of braided cables
  • Includes dual height heel elevators, +65mm/100mm
  • Not compatible with the Voile Release Kit


 Free Pivot   Yes
 Flex  Aggressive
 Riser Height  25 mm
 Climbing Wires  2
 Leashes  Not Included
 Weight/pair  3 lb 2 oz

Size Short
Mondo Point Size 24-26.5 27-31
U.S. Boot Size 5-8.5 9-13