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Fixe Hardware Stainless Steel 12mm Triplex 3pc Bolt

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Triplex is the highest quality climbing bolt available, using the same expansion principal as the Rawl 5-Piece bolt.

Triplex takes anchoring a step further by eliminating the nose cone with a solid stud system. This design allows for easy removal for replacement and consists of only three parts. The sleeves expand by tightening the nut, which draws the tapered stud from the hole. This system places the threads outside of the rock, eliminating hidden thread and nose cone corrosion. The stainless steel model is suited for the most corrosive limestone. Can be easily inspected for corrosion by quickly removing the entire unit, and can be used in soft and pocketed rock. Also can be used to equip a glue-in anchor using the same hole size for both bolts. Triplex bolts are reusable!

Size 12 mm
Length 75 mm or 55 mm
Torque 25 ft lb/ 35 Nm
Material 304 stainless steel
Weight 80 g