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Wild Country Ropeman 2

In stock

Reworked with forged side plates, the Wild Country Ropeman 2 ascender is neater in the hand, a touch lighter, and has better internal radius for smoother function across a broader range of biners. 


With a stainless steel cam that allows use on ropes down to 8mm, this ascender allows a more complex but ultimately more rope friendly design, which gives bite on thinner cords than previous models. From self-rescue and cliff rescue to mouflage and more, these mini-marvels have been well proven in the field.

  • Hot forged for strength
  • Fits with a broader range of biners than other models
  • Can be used on ropes as skinny as 8mm
 Rope Diameter  8-13 mm
 Weight  3.25 oz / 92 g