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Wild Country Pro Key Nut Tool W/leash

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A radical update makes this tool more adaptable and easier to use. The Pro-Key comes with a precision ground tip that allows access to the smallest slots, as well as a wire gate at the top that allows a direct clip to the harness. A one-piece folded top gives a bigger surface area to allow firmer (less painful) push with the palm. Large central holes keep the weight down. The Pro-Key also comes with an extendable, detachable and flexible leash that can be clipped with a mini-wiregate biner to your harness.
  • Precision-ground tip to access tight places
  • Folded top is more forgiving to the palm
  • Includes extendable leash to prevent loss
  • Built in wiregate for clipping directly to your harness
 Dimensions  20 x 3 cm / 8 x 1.25 in 
 Weight w/ Leash  109 g / 3.8 oz
 Weight w/out Leash  60 g / 2.3 oz