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Trango Phase Quickdraw 6-Pack - 12cm

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When a quickdraw weighs this little, it won't much matter whether you're plugging sketchy BallNutz or clipping bolts. Carrying less of a load up your project is the bottom line, and Trango's Phase quickdraw delivers some serious gram shaving.

Featuring Trango's lightest carabiners and low-profile 11mm slings, the Phase is perfect for just about any situation you're in. With a large rope-bearing surface and raised ridges on the spine for easy clipping, this versatile draw might just be the best thing you clank onto your gear loops.

Sold in a pack of six.


  • Ultralight and versatile quickdraw for sport, trad, and alpine objectives
  • Large rope bearing surface and gate opening leads to easy clipping and cleaning
  • Low profile, lightweight 11mm slings
  • Raised ridges on spine for easy clipping
  • Sold in a pack of six
 Major Axis Strength  24 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  8 kN
 Open Gate Strength  7 kN
 Gate Opening  23 mm / 0.9 in
 Weight  67 g / 2.36 oz