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Petzl Ange S Carabiner

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The Petzl Ange S carabiner represents the middle ground between the traditional gate carabiner and the classic wire gate carabiner, combining the fluidity of the spring gate with the lightness of the wire gate system.


Petzl's MonoFil Keylock technology and the H-profile help this biner weigh only 28 grams, and provide an optimal weight/strength ratio. So it is great to reduce weight. The shape of the nose makes clipping and unclipping easier.

  • Ideal for mountaineering and multi-pitch climbing where weight reduction is key
  • PMonoFil Keylock ensures smoother opening and closing of the carabiner and a much longer lifetime compared to traditional wire gate carabiners.
  • Unique H-profile allows an optimal size and strength-to-weight ratio
  • The indent on the bottom helps keep the String in place so that the sling is properly positioned on the carabiner
  • The surfaces that come in contact with the rope and anchor are wider, favoring rope passage and reducing carabiner wear
  • The nose of the carabiner has a hole that allows ice, snow or dirt to be cleared out
  • The deflector works with the shape of the carabiner to allow proper positioning on its major axis


 Closed Gate Strength  20 kN
 Open Gate Strength  9 kN
 Minor Axis Strength  7 kN
 Gate Opening  23 mm
 Capacity  19 mm
 Weight  28 g