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Our Mission

Wilderness Exchange Unlimited is an independently owned and operated business in Denver, Colorado.  Our mission is to make getting outdoors more affordable and accessible to ALL outdoor enthusiasts and to employ a staff passionate about mountain adventure sports in order to provide the highest level of customer service.

We specialize in buying and selling equipment that is primarily used in outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, backpacking, and camping. High quality outdoor gear is expensive, but we try to make it more affordable and accessible to the first-time adventurer, as well as the seasoned expert, by finding the best deals in the industry.  We provide an outlet that helps our vendors and manufacturers run more efficiently by buying Closeouts and Cosmetic 2nds below wholesale, and we pass on these significant savings to our customers.

We strive to offer the finest selection of specialty outdoor equipment available, and our selection represents only the most innovative manufacturers in the outdoor industry.  Our shop sits at the gateway to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, which gives us quick access to some of the best skiing, climbing, and backpacking in the country.  We employ an expert staff that collectively has decades of outdoor experience, along with direct experience using and abusing the same models and brands of equipment we sell in the store. 

The perspective that we convey to our customers is that we are frugal climbers, skiiers, and overall backcountry enthusiasts who want the best gear available for the best deals. If we can’t find discounted products to offer in a particular category then we strive to offer gear based on a simple criteria: the gear must represent a great value in terms of performance, function, and innovation, and be an essential piece of gear for outdoor adventures.

We believe that our customers are as passionate about the outdoors as we are and that they want to shop with us because they know that they will be getting the Top Gear at the Bottom Dollar.


Our Core Values

(1) To keep it local. To strive in our business activities to support local vendor and partner relationships whenever possible. We strengthen and support our local community by keeping as much of our economic activity as possible within our community.

(2) To create a positive and rewarding work environment that values both individual excellence as well as teamwork. To provide the opportunity for professional growth and career development for all staff. To maintain a work environment that fosters staff ownership and participation in the success of the business.

(3) To stoke the passion at the heart of the outdoor culture and lifestyle. To help amplify and support the local outdoor communities that we serve through focused giving.

(4) To employ a sales staff passionate about mountain adventure sports, providing value and knowledge to our customers with enthusiasm and an attentive ear. To always strive for integrity and authenticity in our customer service approach and our selling techniques.

(5) To strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion amongst our team, our outdoor community, and the outdoor industry.


Wilderness Exchange Unlimited
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