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DMM HB Brass Offset Nut Set #0-6

In stock

Closely modeled after their legendary counterparts, the HB Brass Offsets offer climbers a means to protect pitches that would otherwise be impossible, thanks to their unique shape. The units are manufactured from a specific quality of brass that is silver soldered onto stainless steel wire and then proof loaded to 75% of its rated strength to ensure optimum performance.

The wires benefit from a color coded alloy swage that is only dinked on one side (i.e. one wire runs free so that the head is always loaded optimally.) The color coded swage also allows for quick identification when selecting the correct unit for placement the first time. This set includes units 0 through 6 for maximum efficiency in combating whatever situations may arise.

Size Weight Strength Color
1 7 g 4 kN Blue
2 9 g 5 kN Red
3 10 g  5 kN Silver
4 14 g 7 kN Purple
5 17 g 7 kN Green
6 24 g 10 kN Silver