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Liberty Mountain Gore-Tex Repair Kit

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In the field or at home, use the Gore-Tex Repair Kit's patches to repair your waterproof clothes and outdoor accessories. Jackets, Packs, pants...cut these patches to fit the scuff or hole and you're good to go! Press-on adhesive backing makes these durable patches reliable and easy to use. 

  • Perfect for patching your waterproof Gore-Tex garments and accessories
  • Works well with outdoor fabrics of all kinds
  • Press-on adhesive backing makes the patches easy to use, even while in the field
  • Pressure-sensitive patches for easy repair of punctures, tears, or rips
  • Includes one round patch and one rectangular patch
  • Round patch size: 3”
  • Rectangular patch size: 2” x 4”
  • Patches can be cut to the size you need
  • Patches have been tested to hold up to five home launderings and are easy to remove when permanent repairs need to be made
  • Use of an iron increases the bond strength and life of the patch