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Grivel G14 Cramp-O-Matic

In stock

G14 crampons combine the technical performance of forged, vertical frontpoints with the low profile, collapsible frame of the G12 to make a modular and customizable crampon suited to many climbing disciplines. G14 crampons are equally at home on hard sport mixed routes and high level alpine climbs, torquing in cracks or balancing up here today/gone tomorrow ice features. Forged frontpoints penetrate hard ice better than stamped points and offer the opportunity to combine vertical and horizontal axis. 

G14 is delivered in a dual point configuration. Spacers to build mono point crampons are included and are simple to configure. Placing the same point in different notches on the frame changes the length and inclination of the point, allowing the user to customize the crampon for a particular style of climbing. The mono-point is longer and has a shallower angle of attack than the dual point configuration, which improves rock-climbing performance on modern mixed routes. Dual points offer better shear resistance on snow and ice, and they are arguably a bit more stable.


The Grivel C2N bail conversion front is available (sold separately) to make these crampons even more versatile.

  • Cramp-o-matic binding fits boots with both toe and heel welt
  • Hot-forged frontpoints
  • 3D relief stamped frame
  • 14 points
 Weight  1254 g
 Front Points  2
 Construction  Semi-rigid
 Material  Chromolly steel