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MSR Dragonfly Stove

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From the one of the most trusted names in backcountry equipment — the Dragonfly by MSR. If you like to cook you'll appreciate this stove's dual-valve design that lets you simmer delicate meals or quickly boil water. And the control knob is large and easy to handle.

This stove burns almost anything except cow dung and is easy to clean with is integrated shaker jet.  Perfect for expedition use because it will burn white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and jet fuel. The extra wide pot supports hold almost any pot or pan and fold down to 1/3 its cooking size.

  • Can burn multiple fuels
  • Shaker Jet for easy cleaning
  • Trillium stove base can be added for winter camping stability (sold separately)
  • Can be matched with different size fuel bottles for a single night back packing or multi-week long expedition


 Stove Type   Liquid/Multi fuel
 Min Weight  14 oz (397g) 
 Boil Time  3.5min per liter
 Auto Ignition  No
 Simmer Ability  Yes
 Burn time on high
 White Gas 600ml
 Kerosene 600ml
 Diesel 600 ml
 126 min
 153 min
 136 min







* Fuel bottle not included