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Power Traveller Solarmonkey Adventurer Solar Powered Charger

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Boy does this little monkey take "Stay Connected" to a new level.

The Solarmonkey Adventurer is a compact, two-panel solar charger with a 2500mAh internal lithium polymer battery. The clamshell design weighs 265 grams, and the two solar panels output 3 watt max. It features auto-load, self-sensing switching technology, meaning when a device is connected it will automatically start to charge your device and will optimize the charging parameters required.

The polysilicon solar panel offers photovoltaic efficiency up to 17 percent, and features a USB 700mA @ 5v output, supporting Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods, mobile phones and other 5v gadgets such as portable games consoles, handheld GPS systems, e-readers, etc.

The unit also has a solar energy detection feature, allowing more efficiently in low light conditions. The solar panels charge the internal battery in 12 hours in optimum light conditions. You can also charge it and other devices simultaneously to save time.The kit comes with a carabiner so it can be attached to tents or rucksacks, and is water and shock resistant. The white Apple monkeytail cable is included.

  • Small and compact 2-panel charger
  • Auto sensing allows it to start charging right away
  • Supports all kinds of portable devices
  • Internal battery charges in 12 hrs. in optimal light conditions
  • Weather and shock resistant
  • Apple monkeytail included


  Input  Solar/DC 5v 600mA
  Output  USB port: 5v 700mA
  Battery  Lithium-ion Polymer
  Energy  9.2WH
  Static Power Waste  <50uA
  Solar Panel  Polysilicon
  Weight  (unit only)  265 g
  Dimensions  170 x 96 x 22.75 mm w/ 2 mm gap
 between solar panels