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CAMP-USA Alp Mountain Harness

In stock

The new CAMP Alp Mountain climbing harness is ideal for alpinism, ski mountaineering and high-level mountaineering. It features CAMP's load webbing construction that makes it durable, comfortable and lighter. It's also easy to take off and on.


It can be fully opened to be quickly put on or stripped off while standing in place wearing skis or crampons. Simply insert the waist belt through the belay loop and then close the buckles on the waist and legs. Webbing tabs on the buckles make them easy to de-thread while wearing gloves or mittens and the Sicura buckle design gives the security of steel auto-locking functionality at these connection points without losing the ability to quickly remove the harness.

  • Light and compact for high-level mountaineering
  • All-mountain functionality allows the harness to be put on and stripped off without removing crampons or skis
  • Load webbing construction maximizes comfort and reduces pressure points
  • Legs and waist feature Sicura buckles 
  • Integrated 3 mm padding on the waist
  • 3 gear loops: 2 on the sides and 1 on the back
  • Elastic straps between the waist and legs are connected by a single buckle for an easy drop seat
  • 6 integrated slots for Hub racking carabiners to hold ice screws and tools or to rigadditional gear loops
  • Weighs 260 g (M)

 Size  S  M  L
 Waist  25.2-32.3 in  30.7-37.8 in  36.2-43.3 in
 Legs  20.9-23.2 in  22.8-26 in  24.8-27.2 in