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Wild Country Wild Wire Quickdraw

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Wild Wire QDs come with 12mm Dyneema express slings with a Tadpole, which keeps the bottom unit solidly held in the correct orientation. The silver clipping or bolt-end biner is simple, light and elegant to use. Its smooth action and Techwire gate makes clipping a joy and its open shape and bow back sits neatly in the hand for all uses. As a hot forged biner, its strength is reassuringly good and the Techwire gate means that it has a big, open measurement for easy clipping. Weighing in at a very acceptable 3.28 ounces for the 10cm, this is a good all-around unit.

Major Axis Strength 24 kN
Minor Axis Strength 9 kN
Open Gate Strength 9 kN
Gate Clearance 27 mm
Weight 93g / 3.28 oz