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Metolius Sentinel Haul Bag

In stock

Haul bags just don't get any tougher. Metolius's Durathane body fabric is 10x tougher than the vinyl-coated nylon used in other brands. River bag style closures, robust suspension systems, internal clip-in loops and custom metal buckles are just a few of the many features found within.

Designed for use on shorter walls or as a sub-bag under the main haul bag, the Sentinel doubles as a super-tough crag pack. Its main seam is RF welded, forming a leak-proof seal that is stronger than the fabric itself.

  • Designed for use on shorter walls
  • Doubles as a super-tough crag pack
  • Suspension system tucks away for hauling
  • Removable back pad
  • Virtually indestructible, custom aluminum buckles throughout
  • Top compression strap
  • Offset haul points
  • Double-layer ballistic lid with zippered pocket


 Dimensions  25 x 12 x 9 in, plus 4-in collar
 Capacity  2800 in³ / 46L
 Strength  300 lbf / 1.3 kN
 Weight  4 lb 11 oz / 2.1 kg