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Petzl Selena Harness (2014 Closeout)

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This women's harness is ideal for sport climbing. With its elastic leg loops and EndoFrame construction, it provides excellent weight distribution around the waist and legs so it's comfortable.

The DoubleBack buckle on the waistbelt is quick and easy to adjust, and the tie-in points are made of Dyneema for improved resistance to rope friction.


* Main product photo is Violet/Gray.

  • Specific shape for female body
  • Waist belt and leg loops have doubled straps
  • Waist belt is wider on the sides
  • Specific stitching on the waistbelt minimizes hard spots and chafing
  • Fitted elastic leg loops give complete freedom of movement
  • 4 equipment loops: 2 rigid ones in front for quick and easy access to equipment and 2 flexible ones in the rear to avoid creating pressure points with a backpack
  • 2 slots for Caritool tool holder
  • Rear loop for haul rope
  • Detachable leg loop elastics


Size Weight Waist Size Leg Loops
XS 320 g 58-69 cm 43-48 cm
S 340 g 60-71 cm 47-52 cm
M 370 g 67-81 cm 52-57 cm
L 400 g 74-89 cm 57-62 cm