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Metolius Safe Tech Trad Harness

Safe Tech Trad Harness

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Metolius set out on an awesome voyage when designing their inimitable Safe Tech Trad Harness. Their goal was to construct the most safety-redundant, extra-strong, error-mitigating harness on the planet. They did just that.

The Safe Tech Trad boasts oodles of safety features, from a self-locking buckle that will never slip to every possible clip-in point being as strong as the belay loop, all while keeping the rig light enough for serious multi-pitch days where every ounce counts.

Perhaps the coolest feature on the Safe Tech Trad is the employment of double belay loops. Again, this innovative design feature revolves around the desire to make things safer, simpler, and less cluttered. Two belay loops assist in multiple rappels, allowing you to clip into anchors with one loop and rap off the other. Brilliant.


  • Easily the safest, most error-proof harness on the market
  • Double belay loops mitigate clutter and errors on multi-pitch routes, especially when in the midst of multiple rappels
  • Every possible tie-in point is fully load-bearing
  • Extra secure locking speed buckle never slips or loosens
  • One simple, patented buckle adjusts the leg loop size and the rise for a natural, comfortable fit
  • High-strength haul loop and four high-strength gear loops
  • CE/UIAA certified
  • Weighs in at 467 g / 16.5 oz


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