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Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 Top Fix Climbing Skins - 62mm

Race Pro 2.0 Top Fix Climbing Skins - 62mm

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Used by perennial podium-collector Kilian Jornet, optimized to be the fastest skins on the market, and environmentally-friendly, Pomoca's Race Pro 2.0 Top Fix 62mm Climbing Skins are ready to launch you past your competitors on even the gnarliest climbs.

Finally widely available to the general public (instead of only those World Cup champs), the Race Pro 2.0 employs Every Dry 2.0 for improved and environmentally-safe water-resistance and enhanced durability. Using only the finest mohair, these skins also rise well above the competition when it comes to glide, making them the most used competition skins on the planet.

62mm skins offer a bit more coverage than Pomoca's slimmer race offerings, but worry not -- you'll still blast past your buddies with less gliding-resistance and energy expenditure.


  • Probably the fastest/lowest-friction skins on the market, making them a competition staple for elite racers worldwide
  • Super-fast and burly bungee cord Top Fix attachment system
  • Environmentally-conscious Every Dry 2.0 hydrophobic treatment makes '23 model more water-resistant than ever before
  • Safer Skin Light membrane is over 10% lighter than competitor's models, allowing for heightened efficiency and more speed
  • Glide Pro fiber treatment massively improves glide while mitigating nightmarish glopping
  • Proven glue formula stands alone and has been field-tested at temp ranges across the board
  • 155cm length and 62mm width
  • Glide - 171 kcal/h
  • Grip - 38 g / sq cm
  • Weigh in at 98 g / 3.4 oz (per skin)


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