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Jetboil MightyMo Cooking System

MightyMo Cooking System

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The stowable Jetboil Mightymo Cooking System is a single burner camping stove that weighs 3.3 ounces and delivers 10,000 BTUs with the almighty simmer control so you can cook and quickly boil water.


  • Regulated for consistent performance down to 20°F
  • Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
  • Improved efficiencies with compatible Jetboil accessories such as FluxRing Fry Pan and FluxRing Cooking Pot (sold separately)


 Height  6.5 in
 Volume  27 oz / 0.8L
 Boil Time in FluxRing Cooking Pot
(sold separately)
 3 min/L
 Water Boiled (per 100 g Jet canister)  12L
 Dimensions  4.1 x 6.5 in
 Weight w/out Stabilizer  3.3 oz / 95 g
 Stabilizer Weight  0.9 oz / 27 g


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