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Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

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Like their Simple Pad and standard chalk bag, Organic's Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket is easily the most popular and ubiquitous chalk bag in Colorado. From the Front Range to the Western Slope, you'll find these super-durable chalk pots under just about ever classic boulder you stumble upon. Let's just call it "iconic." 

Made with stiff 1000D nylon, the Lunch Bag remains open for easy chalking up, while it seals with a 3/4" hook-and-loop closure and then rolls down to ensure you won't be barfing chalk all over the barking purse dog some knuckle-dragger brought to the crag. A generous outer pocket holds all your essentials and two elastic brush-holders take care of your rock-manicuring devices.

Available in a ton of colors, every Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket comes branded with a Wilderness Exchange patch. In exchange for buying one of these Organic x WildyX chalk pots we'll give you free chalk for the life of the bag. Seriously. Just bring it into the shop whenever you need chalk and we'll toss you a bag.

Best chalk pot on the market + free chalk for the life of the bag = AWESOME!!


  • Easily the most popular and ubiquitous chalk bucket for Colorado boulderers
  • Burly 1000d nylon fabric is darn near indestructable and stiff enough to keep the bucket open
  • Bag seals with a 3/4" hook-and-loop then rolls down and clips like a boater's dry bag
  • Big outer pocket, two elastic brush-loops, and signature Organic colors
  • Weighs in at 198 g / 7 oz
  • Free chalk for the life of the bag when you buy a WildyX-branded Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket!


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